Flair bartending can be dated back to the late 19th century with a concoction of flaming whisky into an original cocktail dubbed the "Blue Blazer." Even though this legendary bartender was way before his time, he paved a road that would eventually lead the way into the 80's cult classic movie, Cocktail. The idea for this movie was motivated by early bar competitions put on through T.G.I.Friday's. This movie single handedly changed the future of bartending forever.

Although, the original idea behind the bar competitions were for showmanship and to give an exciting niche to the bar business those with jobs as bartenders, it eventually would form into a contest that would up the bar for most originators. Bar competitions have come a long way since the first T.G.I.Friday's bar competition. Most bar competitions have categories to separate the exhibition flair from actual working flair, which is flair that doesn't slow the speed of service. In addition to these categories, bar competitions have a huge prize award for all major events with the lowest prize offered to the first place finisher no less than $20,000. Not too bad for a little bit of bottle flipping.

The amount of bar competitions that started to arise led the way to the FBA, Flair Bartender's Association. This was created to sustain major events and hold rankings for the world's best flair bartenders. Even though it is difficult to be a part of the FBA, there are still hundreds of local bar competitions that go on around the country and you can showcase your skills at any and all bar competitions to maybe make a name for yourself. Plus it is something to include in a bartender resume.