Unlike other jobs that come with a strict job description, a bartender job description is solely based on managerial decisions. Nevertheless, a bartender will always be in charge of the drink making process. Opening and closing bartender duties will always differ from job to job depending on the type of bartending job you have.

For instance, a corporate restaurant job will require a more structured type of environment. They will split the bartending duties between the opening, mid, and closing bartenders. The opening bartender's duties will include prep, portioning, and setting the bar up for success for the rest of the night. The mid-bartender duties will be to make the transition to the nighttime go as seamlessly as possible. The mid bartender job description will include making sure the opening bartender did all that was necessary to make the night successful. Closing bartender duties are always to make sure that the bar is clean and free of any residual left over from drink-making throughout the day.

On the other end of the spectrum, the bartender duties at a local nightclub will be immensely different. A bar back may do all of the prep and cleaning work, while the bartender's job description is solely to draw people in and provide a courteous drinking experience for all of the bar's clientele.

As you can see, a bartender's job description can and will be different depending on with whom you work. Although you may be asked to do a little extra here and there, you will always be the main proprietor of the drink-making experience.