Upon completion of your bartender school, whether online or local, you will have to start looking for the job that best suits your personality and skill sets. Some local bartender schools do offer a job placement opportunity, but you will have little or no influence on the type of job selected for you. This may put you at a disadvantage in the scheme of things because you might not enjoy the job that has been selected for you. You will find that with the right skill set and motivation a person can acquire any type of bartender job he or she desires.

Bartender jobs can range anywhere from bartending at your local chain restaurant to pouring 40 year-old wine at a 5 star upscale restaurant. You have to be aware of your own personal skill set and personality to make sure you are making the right decision for employment. This decision will be important, as you will make your livelihood based on the people around you and the clientele that your place of employment attracts. You must take this into consideration because your personality will have to mesh with your customers. The more comfortable you feel behind the bar means the more cash that will find its way right into your pocket.