You may or may not learn every life experience that you will encounter as a bartender in a bartending school. The first bartending tip everyone always seems to forget about when stepping behind the bar for the first time is to always appear confident, even when you aren't. Stepping behind a full bar for the first time has a reminiscent experience of your first speech in front of your peers at your local high school. Confidence is the main ingredient to success when standing behind the bar.

Another bartender tip that can help you along the way is to learn up on the basics and make sure you don't get stumped on a cuba libre or a cape cod. It's imperative that the bartender possess some knowledge of what they are doing. Nobody likes to tip someone for something they have to do themselves, such as telling you how to make the drink ordered.

Bartending tips are not hard to come by. They can be found from other bartenders, co-workers, or even customers. Never be afraid to ask another bartender for a few tips to help better yourself. A few bartending tips from your co-worker will help you with the bar regulars and ensure you make a few extra dollars every time you step in the door. Last, but not least, customers are a great source for bartending tips as they are the ones that literally pay you. Satisfying them will ensure you becoming a better bartender and will also show them you actually care about what they think. That always goes a long way to making a lifelong regular.