Writing a bartender's resume isn't that different from any other resume you have written in your life. The key differences lie within the key aspects many employers are looking for when hiring for the service industry. A bartender resume needs to keep the experience and the employment history as a focal point of the resume to assure your future employer of bartending knowledge as well as the type of bartending that you are accustomed to.

When writing a bartender's resume, one should absolutely not pay too much mind to the objective or education portion of your resume. Although, the education portion might set you apart from an applicant with equal or better qualifications, it should not be the focal point of your resume for this purpose. As for the objective portion of your bartender's resume, it tends to be overlooked by most hiring managers. It really begins to be redundant when potential employees offer up their furthest insights into working with a growth-oriented company and how they will further the success of their company.

Now for one of the most important aspects of a bartender's resume. Most employers within the service industry are looking straight to the experience portion of the resume to gather a better understanding of your past background and knowledge level. You should list all jobs performed and the type of bartending you experienced with said place of work. This is the most important part of your bartending resume, as it will better explain to your potential employer the type of bartending you have experienced in the past and how well it will translate into the job for which you are applying.

As for first timers applying for their first bartending job, the experience portion of your resume may be rather difficult. You should still list any and all job experiences as well as if you attended any sort of bartender school. Adding in any sort of references to the service industry in this section could only enhance your application and give you a better chance to land a bartending job.

Writing a perfect bartender resume may not land you a job immediately, but it will put you ahead of the curve. Just make sure you are ready to prove yourself with knowledge and personality during the interview and always leave a great last impression. Good luck.