Whenever you start to attempt to become a bartender, whether professionally or personally, you never want to be stumped by an order. There are hundreds of books to help you through this endeavor and these following bartending books can help you get started. They are worth it compared to the cost of attending bartender school.

The Bartender's Black Book - Stephen Kittredge Cunningham

There are many editions of this book, so always be sure to find the latest one available. Keeping up with the industry is just as important as remembering the past. It is never a bad thing to have on hand because it is written by an experienced bartender for the other bartenders in the service industry with little or no knowledge. Even the most experienced bartender may have to turn the pages of this classic a time or two to refresh the memory, so don't be ashamed to have one on hand.

The Barkeeper Pocket Peeker - James C. Lynch

This bartender's guide is a more up to date book in mixology and tends to leave out the obscure drinks no longer used in today's nightlife industry. Although, you will not have the out-of-date drinks on hand, the compact design with the laminated pages make it easy to carry around and have near you at all times while you are performing bartending duties. This is a great book to have to keep your mind refreshed on the most popular of today's recipes.

The Whisky Bible - Jim Murray

This guide to whisky is a must have for any bartender who is trying to indulge themselves in the finer ways of life. This is a absolute must-have for any bartender working in the higher end lounges, restaurant, or cigar shops. This is a detailed guide to the whiskies around the world. It will help you better grasp the notes of the whisky by explaining how it's made, what it's made with, and where it's from. Even if you aren't bartending in an high-end environment, this is a must for anyone even slightly interested in the whisky industry.