Look Good

It's no secret that the hot one always comes out on top. It's not fair and it certainly isn't politically correct, but it's true. For you girls, this doesn't necessarily mean to throw on the sluttiest outfit you own. Many times it's the imagination that will generate tips. So, guys and girls alike, show up to work put together. Take an extra ten minutes in front of the mirror before your shift. If you look like you want to be there, the customers will want to be there, and tip well. And you will become a more successful bartender.

Flirt a Little

This may be another seemingly obvious tip, but I'll give you a little insight that may not be so obvious. While of course, when man comes into a bar he is going to want to chat with the lady bartender, and the cougar sitting at the corner stool will drool over the boyish bartender, but why not switch it up a bit? Flirt with everyone regardless of their sex. Any girl is going to want to know she looks cute, whether that compliment comes from a guy or a girl. Likewise, any guy will want to know he is at the top of the bartender's list.

Remember Names and Drinks

People love to come to places where they feel like they belong. It's almost a sense of pride to walk into an establishment and have all the employees know your name. So, start making mental notes of your customers. Perhaps Brenda comes in and orders a blood orange martini. Come up with a name in your head to help you remember her. Bloody Brenda. Next times she comes in, she will be pleased to find that not only do you remember her name, but also her last drink.

Be Creative

Sometimes you're in the mood for something new, but you have no idea what it is. If a customer comes in and seems unsure of their order, throw some ideas at them. "I came up with a snicker doodle shot today. Would you like to be the first to try it?" Or ask them what kind of a mood they're in, whether they like sweet or bitter, and create a new drink off of that. Don't limit yourself to just what you learn in online bartending school.

Learn Some Tricks

This one may take the most time, but it's the most surefire way to a large tip. You may look hot, but if you're hot and you can catch a bottle behind your back, HELLO BENJAMINS!